Hello! I'm Arianna

I design with purpose as an International Peacebuilder turned UX Project Manager because change begins with the user experience.

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I believe dialogue and creativity are both a mindset and a toolset, and when applied together they can be a framework for creative problem-solving. I've kept this motto when serving on diverse remote teams and across the U.S., Croatia, Morocco, and Indonesia. My familiarity identifying the needs of conflicting parties to create resolutions allows me to gather insights around the needs of users and internal teams.

Digital marketing

I moved into marketing to scale the impact of changemakers worldwide.

What I learned:

When marketing, the interfaces audiences were directed to were not as accessible and impactful as they could be. A UX design approach is required to empower users to move past awareness, and to take action.

What did marketing teach me about UX?

1) I developed a visual eye through content creation.
2) I found a passion for persuasive and accessible messaging when copywriting for an international audience.
3) I developed more autonomy in my stakeholder engagement, management, presentation, and program development skills.
4) I learned to balance what is financially and technically feasible with business goals and user goals amongst very limited resources.

Driven by empathy and social impact, as a UX Project Manager I merge dialogue and design to creatively problem-solve and develop innovative and equitable people centered approaches. Since receiving a full tuition scholarship from J.P. Morgan & Chase to study UX/UI Design and independently receiving my Project Management Professional certificate, I now have end-to-end design and management experience across industries.

UX Research
UX Writing


Communication is obviously very important to me, so I'm growing my skills in software, programming languages, and project management tools to better communicate with Designers, Developers, and Stakeholders.

What do I like to do outside of work?

You can catch me getting into new hobbies like tennis with my friends, eating my way across states and countries as I travel with my husband, trying to push my adrenaline junkie boundaries, and spending time underwater!


Latest works

Developed an employee-to-employee communications app to connect with colleagues based off identity and values, because you're more than just a job title.

Built a product website to share Connectic with it's ended users and promote downloads.